The Nature of Matter – Our World has Changed

The technological advances of the last 50-60 years have changed our relationship to everything. Advanced microscopes have changed our view of the natural world and have enabled us to peer into realms we could have never imagined in our wildest dreams. Powerful telescopes have made it possible for us to look far into the universe and witness events that transpired millions of years in the past.
Our direct experience of the nature of matter and the world we live in has been fundamentally altered forever. It is amazing and marvelous…and a little scary. You have to wonder where all this is taking us. There is plenty of realistic science fiction in the entertainment media that attempts to answer this question and then opens the door to many more. The complexity of the world we live in is mind-boggling even in the simple three dimensions we inhabit in our everyday awareness – to say nothing about adding the microcosmic and macrocosmic dimensions. Heaven help us!

Quantum Touch – Good for Everyone

For bedridden and palliative patients a “Quantum Touch” session, administered by a trained practitioner, can offer temporary relief from pain and suffering like nothing else. It is really a great thing that so many in the nursing profession today are being trained in this wonderful energy medicine modality. Quantum Touch, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are different names for slightly different approaches and techniques that may, or may not involve actual physical touch. In most cases it works in the energy field that surrounds the body. It is a gentle and heart centered therapy that can be used to work on the body, mind or spirit, or all three at once.

Quantum Touch is useful for many types of physical and mental stress and distress and not just for the seriously ill. It is a gentle, non-toxic, non-invasive and effective way to assist the body’s own natural healing processes by clearing the energy field and removing blockages. Quantum Touch practitioners are generally very sensitive and compassionate individuals, making the overall experience for the receiver, a loving and enlightening event.

Vital Force Energy – Energy Effects that Happen Every Day

There is still no scientific consensus about the concept of vital force energy – it all depends on which scientist you ask. For some, the word energy, as it applies to human energy, is all about the bio-chemical processes in our cells whereby we convert the food we eat into useable forms of energy to power our physical and mental activities. But for an increasing number of other scientists, energy also means a more elusive form of vital energy that is just as essential for life. This concept of vital energy is ancient and well accepted in some cultures and its acceptance in the western world is gaining ground, especially as the scientific and medical communities are finding irrefutable evidence of its existence.

Worldwide we spend billions of dollars trying to identify particles so small they are literally incomprehensible to most human minds. It is a little strange that so little attention is given to some pretty remarkable “energy effects” that are everyday events in many peoples’ lives, like the power of thought, intention and prayer to effect the physical world. It is likely that some form of vital energy is at work – though we do not yet understand it.

Meditation Supplies – For Simple Stress and Spiritual Development

Guided meditations are a useful tool for many different purposes such as simple relaxation, relieving stress, for personal development and for spiritual growth. In our crazy fast paced world the benefits of meditation are becoming appreciated by more and more people. For those who are just starting out, using one or another of many guided meditation techniques can be very helpful. For people who have chronic issues with stress, creating some time for yourself and listening to a guided meditation designed to help you relax and let go of the troubles of your day can be an excellent way to break out of old patterns of stress and response.

Along with meditation supplies, there are many people interested in spiritual development these days. The fact that so many people are even thinking about it is a good sign, both for humanity and for our planet. Given the complexity of the issues we face here on earth today, the more aware we all are of our interdependence and interconnectedness, the better chance we have of finding creative solutions to the problems we face. Guided meditations for spiritual development are a good place to start.

Energetics – Moving Subtle Energy

Energetics is a modern term coined to cover a range of therapies involving the moving of subtle energy through the body. Subtle energy, part of the universal vital force that is everywhere in us and around us, is the energetic matrix and template from which our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are manifested. This idea may seem “way out there” but in fact the more you delve into modern particle physics, the more you realize that in the worlds within worlds that make up our atomic and subatomic structures everything goes back to some realm of energy from which the substance that “we are” is created. It’s not “woo-woo”, its science!

Vital Force – A Universal Concept

Vital Force is a name for the universal energy that is in us, around us and everywhere in the universe. The ancients, of all cultures, recognized this force. It is only in our modern times when we are obsessed with being able slice, dice and measure everything that the idea of a universal vital force has fallen out of favor. The ancient Greeks called it Quintessence, the Chinese called it Chi, the Native Americans call it the Great Spirit, and the ancient Sanskrit writings from India called it Prana. Whatever name you want to call it, the idea that there is a universal vital force, has always been, well, universal. Taking this concept out of the picture does not advance our ability to understand the nature of our reality – it makes it a little less mysterious but not more explainable. There are so many things that we cannot explain scientifically, anomalies, missing pieces in the puzzles of modern particle physics…perhaps when all is said and done we will get back to the idea that there is a universal vital force.

Gem Elixirs – Gemstone Therapies Come in Many Forms

Gemstone therapies have been around for a long time. These have included using gemstones to make gem elixirs either by grinding the stones into powders and mixing them with various oils or liquids, infusing water by placing a gemstone in a quantity of water and putting it into the direct sunlight or placing specific gemstones on the body according to their traditional correspondence with the chakras and meridians. Most ancient native cultures used gemstones for healing and most ancient civilizations valued gemstones as symbols of wealth and power. Whatever you think about the power of gemstones, there can be no doubt that most people feel a real resonance with different stones. The more you learn the more powerful this resonance becomes. Their beauty is captivating in itself but their internal crystalline structures have real power – however subtle it may seem to the uninitiated. It is worth looking into.

Energy Infusion – Pay Attention to Your Energy Resources

So what is an energy infusion? Energy infusions come in many different forms because there are all kinds of ways you can get energy, such as eating, drinking, taking a walk, deep breathing, meditating, exercising – the list is practically endless. On the other hand there are just as many things that can drain your energy. The energy within in us is a renewable resource if you know how to work with it and it is really important to learn how to maintain your energy and do the things your body needs to sustain this resource. Many aspects of the way we live these days are hard on our internal energy supplies. We are generally way too stressed; we work very hard to make ends meet; we spend too much time plugged into our electronic gizmos that are full of electromagnetic radiation which is hard on our internal electrical circuitry; and most of us don’t eat very well. All of these things are really hard on our energy resources. Anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life would do well to pay a lot of attention to how to infuse good energy into their systems on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Like Subtle Energy – Dark Energy is Filling the Universe

Similar to Subtle Energy, Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy (meaning it cannot be directly measured or quantified) that helps to explain observations made since the 1990′s that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. The fact that the universe is expanding and not contracting, which is what it was expected to do, has thrown a monkey wrench into particle physicists’ Standard Model, the current “theory of almost everything”, that attempts to explain how the universe works.

The result is that new models are being worked on by cosmologists and physicists around the world. Even the simplest model is incredibly complex and difficult to follow. But different ideas include everything from superstring theories based on a 10-dimensional universe to the idea that our universe is just one thousands of universes. One thing there is general agreement on is that regular matter – that’s us and everything we think of as matter, including all the stars out there in the universe – only make up 4% of all there is!

Meditation Supplies – They Come in Many Forms

Mediation supplies come in many shapes and forms. For some, a visit to an ashram in India would be a wonderful way to enhance our understanding of the practice of meditation, but most of us can’t afford the trip. There are all sorts of meditation supplies you can simply buy on the internet like clothes, cushions, candles, mats, and even meditation elixirs of various sorts. Most people who are interested in learning to meditate start by finding a teacher, as nothing is really as helpful as finding a good teacher. Learning the art of mediation can be a very frustrating experience for the beginner as the human mind has a devilish capacity for outwitting the most dedicated attempts to get it to stop thinking. Having someone to do it with you can be very supportive, and there are all kinds of different techniques that have been developed through the ages to help you get a grip on that unruly mind. Whatever you decide to do, don’t let the initial difficulty of the practice deter you…perseverance really pays off in the end!